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I reached out to Macy, my daughters’ yoga instructor, about an article that she put on her Facebook about Mindful Teaching.  This article was timely as I had just had a Parent/Teacher conference.  I came home very frustrated because it was apparent that our daughter was not falling under the spectrum of the typical teaching style available at her school.  The article spoke about how children are told that they need to focus but what does that mean to a child?  They have so much coming at them with technology, the busy lifestyles and so on.  I asked Macy if she knew of a tutor that worked on these skills when she replied that she was implementing this process into her own teachings, at her school as a Teacher and in her yoga practice, with her students.  She offered to work with my daughter and what transpired was absolutely INCREDIBLE!  As a tutor, she gave my daughter the tools to start her lessons with a clear mind, how to slow down and take in the process while making it fun to learn.  We quickly saw a tremendous change in the way she was approaching basic concepts especially with her math.  We even received a beautiful letter from her Teacher that she had noticed a positive change in the way she was conducting herself as well as, the work she was learning and doing.

I honestly cannot say enough about the positive impact she has with my daughter and family.  Thank you Macy for the wonderful light you have presented in my family and if anyone reading this would like to reach out to discuss this further, please do not hesitate to do so.





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