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Private and Small Group Therapy Sessions

I provide individual therapy sessions for youth with anxiety, OCD, and ADHD. In addition, I work with families providing skills for management of anxiety and other childhood disorders. Sessions can be provided in-person or online based on the families needs.


Mindfulness and Yoga Classes
  • Family Classes for ages (3-7)

Would you like to share in your love of yoga with your child? Are you new to yoga and would like to learn alongside your child, then this class is for you! Through breathwork, playful movement, mindfullness and yoga poses, we explore the beauty of yoga along with developing body coordination, balance and awareness.

  • Ages 4-7:

In these active, playful literature based  classes incorporating breath, movement, creativity, yoga poses, mindfullness and exploration, children develop greater body awareness, self confidence, coordination and balance. 

  • Ages 7-10:

In these classes the children develop a greater understanidng of the practice of yoga. Each child progresses at his or her own rate. Through movement, breath work, partner work, games, art and creative dance, the kids develop increased self confidence, coordination, body awareness and balance in an environment of cooperation and camraderie and friendship.

  • ​Ages 12-18:​​

These classes focus on mindful self-compassion, self-understanding, and tools to navigate the

challenges of school and beyond.

    Family Mindfulness Classes: I have taught family centered
mindfulness classes in the greater Chapel Hill, NC area through UNC medical schools
well as locally in the greater Seattle and Minneapolis area. For more information ,  
feel free to contact me for me for upcoming classes or online or
in home offerings (
CURRENT OFFERINGS:​ Email us for updated offerings:


Response to past offerings: 9-week mindful self-compassion online classes

“I didn’t know about these practices and they really helped. I’ve been really happy lately.”

“Being kind to myself and say good things to myself.”

“Mindfulness and self-compassion equals living in the moment.”

 “I’m learning to love myself more.”

 “My takeaway …soothing touch, tracing your palm… can change how I feel and  think and saying words to yourself that you might say to a friend.”

 “Really liked the Compassionate Friend practice…learned a lot … also knowing I am able to go to a safe place.

As in the adult program, this adapted version brings together both mindfulness and self-compassion to do its magic. Such a combination cultivates both the skill of self-awareness as well as tools that teach teens how to respond to themselves with both kindness and compassion when they make a mistake, think they don’t belong or fail to reach the goals set by themselves or by others. Contrary to popular opinion, harsh self-criticism does not increase motivation; it undermines it. Research shows treating oneself as you would treat a good friend when hard things happen increases a person’s motivation to do better, change unhealthy behaviours or to reach out for help when low mood or anxiousness show up.

Developmentally appropriate activities and practices using art, movement, music, videos and fun are all a part of the eight-week, 2 hour - twice a week online program. Small and large group discussions make up part of the learning experience; speaking is not required until the young person feels safe and comfortable enough to do so.

Watch CHCH interview on teens and mindfulness here 

Read article in - "The importance of self-compassion for Teens


Macy Ratliff (206) 801-0146,

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